About Methods

Methods is an online handbook for anyone who wants to start working with newly arrived migrants or who already does so. It offers tips and ideas that may be useful to you in your work. The methods are drawn from a number of European countries including Sweden, Italy, Finland and Belgium. Take inspiration from both articles and videos.

Urban Farming in Gammelbyn
Photo: Sergut Belay Worke

Non-formal learning

The ABF study association is behind Methods and has collaborated with various European organisations to develop the handbook.

Methods focuses on non-formal learning because this contributes to reinforcing people’s self-esteem by highlighting the knowledge they may already possess without being aware of it. Non-formal learning also arouses curiosity and the desire to learn more. It strengthens the individual’s entire life situation and accelerates her or his social inclusion and establishment in the new country. Non-formal learning is a complement to formal learning in which the primary focus is on achieving set goals.

Exchange for empowerment

Methods is the culmination of the ABF-owned project Exchange for Empowerment. The purpose of the project was to review methods and exchange experiences between those organisations working to strengthen newly arrived migrants in their encounters with their new country and its labour market. The goal was to compile a joint online methodological handbook. The project was conducted from 2017 to 2019 with the support of the European Social Fund in Sweden.